Shared psychotic disorder:

Shared Psychotic Disorder is a disorder where a normal person shares the delusions of a delusional person after being around him/her for a long period of time.

There are some symptoms of this disorder. A person experiences delusions after living with or being around a delusional person for a long period of time, delusions are similar to original person with delusions, the two people are usually very emotionally close and isolated from society.

Usually shared psychotic disorder is shared between two people, but sometimes it can be shared between several people, even families.

Even though there is no lab tests to find the shared psychotic disorder, a DIAGNOSIS is still possible. Blood tests to rule out physical sickness. The person is observed and interviewed by a psychologist or psychiatrist to see if he/she has the specific symptoms that point to the shared psychotic disorder.

TREATMENT: Once someone is diagnosed with shared psychotic disorder, they may be separated from the original person with the disorder. Psychotherapy, family therapy, and medication can also come into play.

The effect on daily life can be hard to deal with, as are all psychotic disorders. Delusions, anxiety, separation anxiety are just some of the things the individual deals with on a daily basis.

Stress and social isolation with a delusional person can be the causes of the shared psychotic disorder.

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