There are so many people who have phobias
and they just don't know how to get over them.
These phobias can effect people's everyday life.
Some people can't even leave their own house
because these phobias are so bad!

There are many different phobias The top five phobias are
  1. Arachnophobia- fear of spiders
  2. Social Phobia- fear of being in conversation
  3. Aerophobia- fear of flying
  4. Clustrophobia- fear of being trapped in small spaces
  5. Acrophobia- fear of heights
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Everyone in the world is afraid of one thing or another no matter how old they are or how young they are. Usually if a child's fear doesn't effect their daily life then treatment is not needed but if someone notice's this child is constantly afraid of something they should definitely be evaluated. Things to look for when someone thinks their child or friend has a phobia is shortness of breath, shaking, nervousness, not leaving the house, not being alone and if these things continue they need help.

The most used treatment for phobias is a type of cognitive- behavioral therapy called systematic desensitization or exposure therapy. This therapy is a very good treatment. According to the National Institute of Mental Health about 75% of people can overcome their fears by doing this treatment.
Effects on daily life
The effects on someone's daily life that has a phobia is the fact that some people can not even leave their own homes because they are so scared of something. Having a phobias can cause a lot of damage on friendships and relationships and even with someone's job or family.

There are many different ways to overcome your fears. It just takes practice to get used to things and overcome these fears. Everyone is capable of doing it so just ask for the help.

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